No matter what your goal, I'm here to help. Whether it's a full nutritional consultation over the phone, a customised nutrition program, or 1-1 coaching. Unsure on which option to choose, send me an email to [email protected]

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Want a structured plan to help you lose those last few kilos while learning more about nutrition?

The perfect way to try my services before committing long term. The 8 week nutrition program is based around learning what to eat and how much through the use of meal plans, calories and macros. Optional training program can be added at checkout.

Suitable for: Anyone who wants to lose 2-5kg in the next 8 weeks

from $35/week

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Have you been dieting and exercising for years? Ready to escape the diet cycle, EAT MORE, Get Results & Keep Them Long-Term?

Work with me 1-1 to reset your metabolism, build lean muscle and improve your relationship with food. Learn how to get better results by eating more, reverse dieting and training effectively in the gym. 


from $100/week

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Already following a structured strength program that's giving you results?* 

My 1-1 Nutrition coaching will help you to create balance in your life so you can still achieve your goals whilst eating out and living your life. You'll receive personalised macros targets weekly along with a sample meal plan 100% tailored to your goals, likes and lifestyle.

*must provide a copy of your current training plan for optimal results

from $50/week

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1 on 1 Nutritional Consultation


  • 1 hour phone, zoom or coffee consultation
  • Full health assessment and dietary history.
  • Dietary evaluation.
  • Individualised nutrition plan including macro/calorie targets, food swaps, recipes.
  • Clear goals and step-by-step framework on how to achieve them. 
  • No rigid meal plans!

Suitable for: Anyone who needs help with their nutrition and wants to understand how to improve their health through better nutrition. 

Initial 1 hour consultation $120