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Hey there! I'm Aoife

I help females to break the diet cycle, eat more, get stronger & train effectively!


Hey there! I'm Aoife

I help females quit yo-yo dieting by simplifying nutrition, training smarter in the gym, and building a strong mindset that empowers them to NEVER DIET AGAIN!

What's your goal?

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I want to lose 2-5kg in the next 8 weeks
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I want to work with you 1-1 (nutrition & training)
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I've got my training covered but need help with my nutrition
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What my clients are saying

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I feel so much more in control of my food choices and Aoife helped me immensely in changing my mindset towards food. I have always been a sporty person, but I was going to the gym 5 times a week, without seeing results. After I started my journey with Aoife, I went to the gym 3 times a week and I have seen results after 8 weeks having a personalized workout and controlled nutrition! She is a fantastic coach, just what I needed for my journey: she is very knowledgeable, and most importantly she gave me the strength to go through hard times (when I thought I couldn't stick to the diet or I needed motivation for doing the workouts). I have learned a lot about macros and how to adapt my meal accordingly. I love her weekly check-in form and videos, as it feels that she is always following the progress and she gives her 100% to her clients.

~ Alessandra Bree

Aoife is honestly the best coach I have ever come across. She is so approachable, she tells her clients exactly what the plan is and why you are doing it. Aoife gives so many tips and tricks to make either our growth/cut phase easier and understandable. I feel extremely supported as a client and I haven’t felt that before. I also love that she is comfortable with whatever training we are doing at the moment. If I want to go for a run, I can or if I want to focus on strength and conditioning, I can. Eva makes her clients want to succeed, not just for themselves but for her as well, because of how much time and dedication she places into them.

~Kate Pritchard


Client Results 

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Alessandra Testimonial
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